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Transmission Parts/Rebuilds

Return Policy: NO refunds for modified parts

No refunds for any parts that have been modified to customer specifications. This includes complete transaxles, engines, and/or heads.

Restocking Fee: 25% restocking fee

Any parts that are returned unused will be charged a restocking fee after they are inspected by Vic at 356 Enterprises.

Call today to place an order! (810) 688-2059

Transmission Parts



741 Gearset - New

Helical-cut gears made with modern metals and processing. Ratios available:

2E, 2D, 3D, 3E, 3C, 4A:

$745.00 Each

New synchro hubs additional $150.00


Super Tall 4G (Special!)

This gear will give you a 600 rpm drop @ 80 mph to 3600 rpm’s for highway cruising.

This gear is finish ground for quiet operation.

$1,100.00 Includes new hub


Finish Ground Gears

Finish Ground 2A, 3A and 4B gears.

Newly manufactured in the USA.

3A, 4B: $840.00 

2A: $880.00 

New synchro hubs additional $150.00


New Hub



741 Used Gears

Quality used gears.

No discount on used gears.


2B, 3B: $425.00 each

1B, 4C: $475.00 each

Late 1-B: $525.00 each

Picture coming soon!.png

New Synchronizers

Used 519, 644 gears also available, as well as all other transmission parts.

519, 644 Style: $97.00 each

741 Style: $172.00 each

(price subject to change)


Transmission Rebuilding


Type 644, 716, 741

Transmission rebuild for above models:

$1,500 + parts



axle tubes (if included): Additional $275

bead blast and paint: Additional $325

Filthy, greasy housings will be charged a minimum $150 cleaning fee.


Type 519

Transmission rebuild for above model:

$1,650 + parts



axle tubes (if included): Additional $275

bead blast and paint: Additional $325

All hardware Cad-plated or Black Oxide for proper appearance included

Filthy, greasy housings will be charged a minimum $150 cleaning fee.

Racing Transmission Modifications


Input Shaft Machining

Special input shaft machining:

$225.00 + core charge


Shift Finger Repair

Weld, reinforce, grind, hard-chrome, re-grind shift seal area (741 styles only.)

Repair price: $450


 $350.00 + YOUR GOOD CORE valued at $100.00

Price note: That means not broken into 2 pieces! $350 outright no core or exchange necessary.


519 Crash Box Nut - New

Newly manufactured black oxide plated nut for 519 crash box VW housing: $89.00


Through-Drill Side Covers

Through-drill side covers; cross-hatch fulcrums & axles: $125.00



Torque-Biasing Differential

New GT 356 torque-biasing differential:



The lube we recommend is:

212 w/Moly: $68.00 per gallon

Good ZF differentials also available. Call for info.


Gear Machining

Machine third gear to second gear thickness: $140.00

Machine fourth gear to third gear thickness: $170.00

Grind fourth gear race to third gear length: $30.00


519 Nose With Reverse Idler Shaft

Newly molded, cast and machined with modern materials in Michigan. Perfect in every detail: $1000.00

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