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Suspension & Brakes

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Return Policy: NO refunds for modified parts

No refunds for any parts that have been modified to customer specifications. This includes complete transaxles, engines, and/or heads.

Restocking Fee: 25% restocking fee

Any parts that are returned unused will be charged a restocking fee after they are inspected by Vic at 356 Enterprises.


Camber Regulator

There has been a myth built up over the S-90 camber compensator since 1960. By itself, it does nothing to improve the handling! The factory put it on when they installed softer rear torsion bars, so the back of the car could still have the same load-carrying capabilities. The softer bar made the rear of the car roll more, so the front end would take more of the cornering loads. This increased understeer, only making it seem like the car had decreased oversteer. The factory compensator is incapable of preventing the rear wheels from “jacking up” during hard cornering, which is the biggest detriment to a swing axle’s cornering abilities. The S-90 compensator, when pre-loaded, actually pulls the rear wheels toward positive camber. The 356 Enterprises “Camber Regulator” will improve the handling because it works like a Z-bar and will decrease rear wheel jacking. It is an easy bolt-on installation, with adjustable links to ensure proper pre-loading. It also functions perfectly well as a load-carrying spring. Heavy-duty version recommended for Vintage racing, Autocrossing, and speed events. Complete assembly, including hardware, fits 1956-65, tunnel case transmissions only.

Softer-Street Version: $450.00

Installation Instructions:

Click here to download PDF version

Brake Pads

Pro YR2 System Front:
$215.00 per pair
Pro YR3 System Rear:
$215.00 per pair
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