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The Start

The parts and services we offer are the result of over fifty years involvement with Porsche 356s as well as racing them at the highest levels for which they are eligible. The lessons have been expensive and sometimes mentally painful, but I have learned a lot and continue learning more each year. Being actively involved in racing a 356, I have the opportunity to learn the latest “go-fast” and “handle-better” tricks. Continued racing also helps me learn about reliability; it never ceases to amaze me that after all these years of racing, every year some different part will find a new way to fail. The only thing to do is to redesign, reinvent, reinforce, or all of the above.

"I started racing in 1965 in a Speedster, then began running SCCA Nationals in 1977 with a 356B Roadster. Since then I have been Central Division E- Production champion numerous times. I have qualified for the SCCA Championship Run-Offs eighteen times in E-Production, as well as eight times in G-Production with eight top three finishes, including a National Championship in G-Production in 1994. I retired from SCCA in 1997, and now race only in vintage. Since the inception of the Porsche Cup North America in 1985, I have finished fifth, third, fifteenth, seventh, and second; the only driver to place in the top fifteen all five years. In 1987, my teammate Ed Clancy, driving my G-Production 1300 Porsche Cabriolet; then still a Coupe, also qualified for the Porsche Cup. In 1990, I finished fourteenth in the International Porsche Cup results."

With this broad base of experience, I have a very good idea of what will work and what won’t. If you have any questions, feel free to call (810) 688-2059 . As with any racing-oriented enterprise, this week’s answer or solution could change next week based on new and continuing information.


After two years of working as a turn marshal at Waterford Hills, MI from 1963 through 1964 I went through drivers school at Waterford hills in May of 1965 in a 1956 356 Speedster.

I raced with a Waterford license at Waterford, Harewood, and Mosport in Canada as well as local SCCA Regional Races that accepted the Waterford License. I was Canadian EP Champion in 1972. The car was subsequently destroyed in a 9 car pile up on the first lap of the Canadian Runoffs at Mosport the same year.

I built another Speedster in 1973 and applied for and was granted an SCCA National license based on previous racing experience. I ran two SCCA nationals in 1973; two DNF’s due to mechanical problems. Decided at that time I didn’t have the time to run in SCCA Nationals, so returned to Waterford Hills and Canadian tracks.

I purchased the Bill Schmid E-Production 356 B Roadster, SCCA National 1974 winner at the end of 1975. I ran the car at Waterford, several SCCA Regionals during 1976. In 1976 I re-applied for a SCCA National license and was granted same.

1977 I began in earnest my SCCA national racing. I also added a 1957 356 1300 which ran in G-Production. I raced in SCCA Nationals through June of 1997.


I qualified for the SCCA Run-Offs every year since 1978 in one or both E and G Production, with the exclusion of 1979.

The following is a recap of my podium finishes at the SCCA Run-Offs:

  • 1978 E Production DNF ignition problems

  • 1979 Did not quality

  • 1980 5th E-Production

  • 1981 4th E-Production

  • 1982 7th E-Production

  • 1983 3rd E-Production

  • 1984 7th E-Production

  • 1985 7th E-Production

  • 1986 6th E-Production

  • 1987 DNF throttle connection

  • 1988 7th E-Production

  • 1989 G-Prod 6th , E-Prod 3rd

  • 1990 G-Prod 8th, E-Prod 3rd

  • 1991 G-Prod 6th, E-Prod 9th

  • 1992 G-Prod 3rd, E-Prod 6th

  • 1993 G-Prod 4th, E-Prod 4th

  • 1994 G-Prod 1st, E-Prod 8th

  • 1995 G-Prod 2nd, E-Prod 5th

  • 1996 G-Prod 2nd, E-Prod 3rd

  • 1997 One race June at Mid-Ohio finished 1st G-Production.

At that time I then retired from SCCA racing to protest the death of Mary Wollesen at Road America which was the result of unsafe car groupings.

At this time I continue to race in vintage with both HSR and SVRA. To date I have started 717 races, 316 1st place finishes in class or overall.

I continue to race a 356 and a 1962 Dolphin Porsche in Vintage events, we rent a 356 Coupe; provide transportation, trackside service, catering to 356 customers. I offer mechanical help, parts and service to all 356’s and other Porsche competitors at the track on a regular basis. I own and operate a full time business that supplies parts, builds engines and transmissions for 356 Porsches.

During 2010 I was inducted as a member into the RRDC.

I have participated at all of the previous Rennsport Reunions, including the Double 50 at Watkins Glen in 1998.

I participated in all 5 years of the Porsche Cup North America from 1985 through 1989, and am the only driver who placed in the top 15 all 5 years, earning a check from Porsche, a 5 day expense paid trip to Stuttgart, Germany for the annual Christmas Awards and a place on every one of the Porsche Cup Posters.

In 1985 I finished 5th, 1986 3rd, 1987 15th, 1988 7th, and in 1989 I was 2nd to John Andretti. I actually was in 1st place following the SCCA Run-Offs in late October of 1989 so Porsche AG added a small race in Germany and that brought John Andretti into 1st place. In 1990 I participated in the International Porsche Cup and finished 14th, again securing a cash reward and a trip to Stuttgart.

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