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3 porsche 356's racing

Over 50 years of experience building and racing

The Porsche 356

356 Enterprises

Built On Experience

Our parts and services are backed by over 5o years of experience in the Porsche 356 racing industry. We have restored and serviced every part of these  cars over the years. Today we focus on the transmissions, building  anything from stock to track-ready setups. View our parts or history pages to learn more. 

Vic Skirmants.jpeg
Vic & Barbara Skirmants

The parts and services we offer are the result of over fifty years involvement with Porsche 356s as well as racing them at the highest levels for which they are eligible. The lessons have been expensive and sometimes mentally painful, but I have learned a lot and continue learning more each year. Being actively involved in racing a 356, I have the opportunity to learn the latest “go-fast” and “handle-better” tricks. Continued racing also helps me learn about reliability; it never ceases to amaze me that after all these years of racing, every year some different part will find a new way to fail. The only thing to do is to redesign, reinvent, reinforce, or all of the above.

Vic and Barbara Skirmants standing next to a Porsche 356 on a race track
Porsche 356 racing

Starting your 356 racing career?

No one promised that vintage racing would be cheap, but racing a 356 is about half of racing a 911 and we beat them most of the time.  Racing is a big commitment, you need to consider time, resources and how much you are willing to do yourself.  That can include a truck and trailer = towing time or hiring someone to service and transport your car.  If you aren’t ready to make this commitment maybe you should just buy a Miata.  But you will make the best friends of your life, and make memories that will last forever.  See you at the race track.

-Vic and Barbara

Other Porsche Resources 

Learn more about the industry

Porsche 356 motor cities gruppe
356 Motor Cities Gruppe

The 356 Motor Cities Gruppe is a  club is located in southeast Michigan. They host many cruising events and meet-and-greets every year for 356 owners. To learn more check out their blog by clicking the logo above. 

Porsche club of America
Porsche Club of America

The Porsche Club of America is a close-knit community built on good friends and good conversation. They sponsor driver education, Porsche restorations, and even have their own magazine. Click their logo above to learn more or become a member today.

Porsche 356 registry
Porsche 356 Registry

Porsche 356 Registry is the largest club dedicated to the 356. They have regional clubs all over the worlds. To learn more about your 356 or generally history of the car, head over to their website by clicking the logo above.

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